Finding A Millionaire Mentor To Help You Achieve Financial Independence

In order to reach ratified air and become a millionaire, I highly recommend you find yourself a millionaire mentor. Don not beat around the bush trying to find ways to become wealthy, instead find a millionaire mentor.

Where do you find a millionaire mentor? Great question and I will address your important question.

One of the best ways to find a millionaire mentor is to take the direct approach. Identify someone in your sphere of influence and or local community, call them and ask to take them to lunch or to have a cup of coffee.

Perhaps you will contact a entrepreneur, doctor, lawyer, investment analyst, banker, or a CEO of a company. The bottom line is, there are a lot of millionaires and you simply have to take the initiative to schedule a meeting to network with and request they mentor you. It is understood it takes a team to become a millionaire. Ensure the first team member is a millionaire. Why?

Where are you trying to get to? Millionaire status is the correct answer.

There is no better way to become a millionaire than being mentored by one, because they have been where you are trying to go. What do you request of the millionaire mentor? After the millionaire accepts your request for mentorship, simply learn everything you can about being a millionaire. Take into consideration your values should align with your mentor and if they do not, I highly recommend you find a millionaire with similar values.

One of the first things you will learn about millionaires is they think differently. In other words, they thoroughly enjoy being rich and do not allow triviality to get in the way of what they are trying to achieve.

Limitations, setbacks and the quicksand of life are mere momentary obstacles waiting to be overcome by persistence and perseverance. The key consideration to keep in mind is how millionaires think.

Millionaires who lose all of their money know how to become millionaires again and again because they know how to do it. Millionaires have the knowledge, wisdom, and skills to get knocked down financially and get back up to reclaim what it meant for them.

Make no mistake about it, your quickest path to wealth is finding a millionaire with similar values as yours and learning everything you can learn from them. You will get to the next level of your financial independence by finding a millionaire mentor.

Source by Paul Vann

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