Home Business – Setting Goals VS a Setting a Benchmark – What’s the Difference?

For anyone who wants to have a home business or already has one, setting goals and having a benchmark is essential for the success of your business. We hear a lot about goal setting and not so much about benchmarks. Benchmarks are just as important.

Your goal is what you are aiming for. The result you wish to achieve. You need to have an ultimate goal. This is what your life will look like when you have success. Clarity is essential. This should be on the tip of your tongue. You should be able to describe your ideal lifestyle in detail and with emotion.

Next your goals need to be broken down into Long Term, Medium Term, and Short Term.

Short Term: What do you want to achieve in the next 2 days to 1 week?

Medium Term: What do you want to achieve in the next 1 – 6 months?

Long Term: What do you want to achieve in the 6 months to 3 years.

All of these goals should be bold, inspiring, and very specific. It should be an action step that brings you closer towards your long term goal.


Your benchmark differs from you goal. A benchmark is your minimum acceptable result. This is what you will do no matter what. Even when life gets in the way you will still manage to squeeze this in. Benchmarks are linked to your sub-conscious mind to help you develop a consistent habit.

Goals need to be a stretch for you. Like a rubber band you will stretch and retract over and over. Gradually you will stretch further than before and never quite go back to where you started

Your physical activity goal maybe to run 5xs a week. Your benchmark would be twice a week.

Using networking marketing as an example, because that is an area of expertise for me: Your goal may be to do 3 business presentations a week with 1 being your benchmark. You don’t have control over the number of presentations you can give. You do control how many dials you make a week or a day. Your goal may be to talk to 2 people a day if you are still building your business using old school methods or if you are using attraction marketing it may be to make 50 dials a week with your benchmark being 40. 40 would be the minimum that you accept from yourself.

Remember goal setting is extremely important and beneficial particularly if your goals are written down. Setting a benchmark is every bit as important. There are countless distractions when running a home business. Setting your own minimum activity which is acceptable to you is critically important for developing consistency in your business.

Source by Irene Kirkman

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