The 5 Basic Elements of Green Architecture

Sustainable architecture is the practice of designing buildings while taking into consideration sustainable development and environmental growth. It aims to minimize environmental impact of buildings through moderation in the utilization of energy and ...Read More

Ten Green Strategies to Help Improve Our Environment

If you think you need to join movements and lobby in Congress just to become an environmentalist, think again. There are many ways you can contribute to help the environment. Our air is ...Read More

Harnessing Natural Gas As an Alternative Energy Source

Natural gas is fossil fuel in a gaseous state. Methane is one of its largest component. Pockets of this gas are formed beside oil fields and coal beds. Heavy hydrocarbons are removed during ...Read More

Micro Wind Turbines – The Pros and Cons of Wind Energy

Wind energy is a healthy, clean and green source of energy. It is not that this is a new resource that has come up as a solution to the rising cost of the ...Read More

Magnetic Energy and Its Applications

Magnetic energy or magnetism is the force exerted between the two magnetic poles, producing magnetization. A magnetic field is an area around the magnet where magnetic or electrical force can be experienced and ...Read More

The Four R’s That Will Save the Planet

Conservation seems to be on everyone’s mind lately. How to save energy, save money, save resources, and most importantly, save the planet (which is the only one we have at the moment). Going ...Read More

How Important Is It To Explore Alternative Forms Of Energy?

In today’s rapidly developing world, vast amounts of energy resources are being utilized at an alarming rate, one which can certainly result in the extinction of our valuable natural resources. Moreover, majority of ...Read More

Save a Watt, Save a Lot With Energy Efficient Lighting Solutions

We all know that energy efficient lightbulbs help to protect the environment, and over the course of a few years they can also help your bank balance too, however when seeking money saving ...Read More

Alternative Energy Sources For Future Cars

A threefold understanding would emphasize the importance of alternative energy resources in the near future

Five Principles of Green Home Design

A green home minimizes the negative impact on its environment through its home design. Here are a few considerations an architect takes into account when designing a green home:

1. Site: Evaluations and analysis ...Read More

How to Power the House Without Paying Electricity Bills?

How to power the house without paying electricity bills? Don’t worry you won’t have to do any funny wiring, but rather a fun DIY activity!

It’s true that the costs of living are ever ...Read More

Solar Energy Advantages Disadvantages

Many of us know that solar energy is a good thing, but few really understand why. Therefore, I compiled a comprehensive list of solar energy advantages and disadvantages that will enable you to ...Read More

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