Xionel Portable 15W Folding Waterproof Solar Panel Charger Mobile Power Bank for Phone Battery Dual Display USB Port Outdoor


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Xionel Portable 15W Folding Waterproof Solar Panel Charger Mobile Power Bank for Phone Battery Dual Display USB Port Outdoor


How to charge your device:

1.Unfold the charging panel and spread and orientate the panels towards the sun.

2.Connect your device to the solar charger with a USB cable.

3.Place the connected device in the charger’s canvas pocket or otherwise keep it out of the sunlight as direct sunlight and excessive heat may damage the device.


Product description:

Portable solar phone charger lights up your green tour

The folding solar charger utilizes high-efficiency solar panel from SunPower and It transforms solar energy into electrical energy by assimilating sunlight. Satisfy your need for charging anywhere anytime when there is sunlight!

Portable solar charger thoughtful Design

2 Highest-efficiency panels fold up into a compact, and portable. String holes design makes it convenient to be hung anywhere there can receive sunlight.

High Efficient Power Supply

15 watt solar array provides up to 5V/2A output among two USB-charging ports with auto detect technology.

solar panel USB charger method of operation

Unfold the solar panel and put it on the places where it can receive maximum sunshine, Connect your device to the USB output port, the product will charge your device as soon as the sunshine is enough.

Built-in Ammeter and Pocket with Zip

The package includes 4 hooks, allowing you to hook your solar panel everywhere (trees, backpacks, curtains, etc.)

Waterproof and Internal Chip: Every time he loses contact with sunlight for a short period of time (dense forest, clouds, temporal passenger) will stop charging until he comes back into contact with the sunrays, without damaging your connected device.

Built-in Ammeter and Pocket with Zip, keep your devices safe and clean.


The Perfect Companion for Adventures

The 15W Solar Energy Charger.

Lightweight, easy to carry. When folded it has the same size and thickness as a magazine.

Designed specifically for all those people wit passion for trekking, camping, hiking, picnics, fishing, boat, etc.
Compatible with all USB rechargeable devices, with only sun energy. 100% Green Power and 21.5-23.5% Solar Efficiency.

Place the charger wherever you can access the direct sunlight and relax, admiring the panorama as you charge your cell phone and other 5V USB devices.


Solar panel:15W (Sunpower solar cell)
Folding Number:2pcs
Transformation efficiency:>22%
Output voltage:5V Dual USB
Output current:2.5A Max
Material of bag:600D polyester
Open Size:520*290*15mm
Folding size:290*165*25mm
Color:Black Blue


1.Please remember that for Apple devices has an inner chip that stop the charge of the phone whenever its inner temperature get too hot. To prevent this kind of situations while charging the phone under the sun, we suggest to use a longer cable and keep the phone in a shadow area.
Please use this solar charger in full sunlight without any shades or obstacles.

2.Can be ONLY used when under sunlight! 

3. Based on different sunlight radiance, the charging current, and time will be different.


4. In direct sunlight, this array can get hot! Be careful when handling it after prolonged time in the sun. 

5. Also, be sure to keep any devices that are being charged out of direct sunlight as the heat can damage them.

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